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Linguistic Society of America

 Linguistic Society of America

A list of the journals for which we hold backstock management and/or reprint agreements.

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Journal of the Linguistic Society of America

Vols. 1-87. Washington, D.C, 1925-2011. Mostly reprint. With GI 1/50. $ 8000

  • Vols. 1-65. 1925-1989. Per volume $ 80
  • Vols. 66-83. 1990-2007. Per volume $ 210
  • Vols. 84-87. 2008-2011. Per volume $ 250

- An international publication embracing a broad scope of linguistic science, LANGUAGE is an established journal in the field. Lengthy technical articles, with authors' abstracts and extensive references, are published on phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and other topics. Book reviews and notices are numerous (Katz).


Linguistic Society of America

Nos. 1-57 (all publ.). Philadelphia, 1927-1963. Reprint. $ 1.300

Single volumes may be available. Please inquire.

- LANGUAGE DISSERTATIONS published original linguistics research in the form of dissertations which had been presented to meet degree requirements. They deal with all aspects of primitive languages as well as with the development of modern languages.



Nos. 1-27 (all publ.). Philadelphia, 1925-1967. Reprint. $ 620

Single volumes may be available. Please inquire.

- LANGUAGE MONOGRAPHS contain extensive monographs on diverse aspects of linguistics and languages.



Linguistic Society of America

Nos. 1-200. Washington, D.C., 1926-2008. Partly reprint. $ 3.100

Single volumes may be available. Please inquire.

- The Linguistic Society was founded so that scholars could exchange ideas and publish results of study. The BULLETIN contains the proceedings of its meetings, the records of linguistic institutes, reports to the society, and the membership lists.

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