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- SOCIETY is a general interest journal that publishes articles and research on a variety of topics, with emphasis on subjects of current interest. Discussion articles are arranged under thematic headings of culture and society, social science and public policy, and society abroad. Each issue has a symposium, topics have included ferment in professional associations, and American Jews and Israel today. Although many articles are discussions of opinion rather than empirical research, many well-known sociologists contribute to this highly readable journal (Katz).

To celebrate 35 years of publishing some of the leading names from sociology and other fields, Transaction Publishers has just issued an anniversary issue of Society, containing 49 previously published works. Many of the contributors will be familiar even to nonspecialists: Robert Coles (writing in 1968), Henry Kissinger (1977), Nathan Glazer (1981), and Peter Drucker (1994). As Irving Louis Horowitz, the editor who stepped down with this issue, writes in his introductory survey of his venerable tenure: "What has changed profoundly is...the incredible atomization of social science into 'fields' in which the boundaries spoke more to professional conceits than to societal needs.... It has been the unique mission...of Society to remove the barriers between disciplines" (Library Journal).

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