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Vols. 1-28. New York, 1948/49-1976. With general index 1-28. Partly reprint.

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- The primary audience for MANUSCRIPTS, the quarterly publication of the Manuscript Society, is the collector of autographs and manuscripts, not the professional archivist or manuscripts curator. Nevertheless, there are things in Manuscripts that would no doubt interest the professional archivist as well. There are occasionally articles on theft and security issues or on the issues relating to conflicting claims of ownership by repository and collector. A regular feature is "Auction Trends," a report on sales of manuscript materials. In addition, there are articles on specific documents and their historic significance. If more archivists and manuscripts curators were regular readers of Manuscripts, it might improve the sometimes strained relationships between archivists and manuscripts curators on the one hand and the collecting community on the other (Katz).

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