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Vols. 1-61. Rome, 1947-2007. With general index for vols. 1-50. Reprint. Bound.

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  • Vols. 1-44. 1947-1990. Bound per volume € 105
  • Vols. 45-59. 1991-2005. Bound per volume € 180
  • Vols. 60-61. 2006-2007. Bound per volume € 220
  • General index vols. 1-50 included in vol. 51/1997.

ISSN 0034-6799

- The REVIEW OF ECONOMIC CONDITIONS IN ITALY does not only deal with the problems typical of the credit and financial situations and the functioning of the money and capital markets but also covers economic, industrial and trade policies, the problems of the South and the labour market, econometric models, etc.

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