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Vols. 1-61. Armonk, 1958/59-2019. Reprint.

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  • Vols. 1-49. 1958/59-2007. Per volume $ 220
  • Vols. 50-61. 2008-2019. Per volume $ 245

ISSN 1060-9393

- Formerly published as SOVIET EDUCATION

- The editors of RUSSIAN EDUCATION AND SOCIETY "select material for translation from more than 35 Russian-language periodicals and newspapers, and occasionally from books. The journals are concerned with preschool, primary, secondary, vocational, and higher education curricula and methods of the subject fields taught in the schools, the pedagogy of art, music and physical education, and special education programs. Journals and newspapers of ministries of education and higher education and the teachers' unions are also covered, as well as popular educational magazines for children, young people, and parents." The materials selected are intended to reflect developments in educational theory and practice in the Soviet successor states and to be of interest to those professionally concerned with this field (Katz).

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