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The journal of general evolution

Vols. 1-74. Lausanne, 1962/63-2018. Partly reprint. $ 16000

  • Vols. 1-56. 1962/63-2000. Per volume $ 220
  • Vols. 57-63. 2001-2007. Per volume $ 345
  • Vols. 64-74. 2008-2018. Per volume $ 400

- Formerly published as PHILOSOPHY FORUM

- "All facets of human existence" are taken into account in this periodical's attempts at "clarification of humanity's options and improvement of its prospects through research and debate regarding issues of concern to all people," according to the editorial statement. "Various modes of inquiry" and "diverse points of view" are entertained by the editors of WORLD FUTURES. They recognize "the need to foster constructive and realistic assessments of the future, and to take all facets of human existence into account, the physical, technological and environmental, as well as the intellectual, ethical and spiritual." The wide-ranging system is especially sought out by the editors. Special favor is accorded treatments of language involving core languages, such as Basic German or Basic French, Odgen's Basic English, Janet Aiken's Little English, or Michael West's 1,400-word list. Typical articles take up such matters as the whole world economy, the prospect of a world religion, and systems dynamics in general applied to global conditions (Katz).

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