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Réimpressions, années anciennes et fonds rétrospectifs de périodiques


Années 1881/82 - 1933. Avec table générale 1882/1930. Réimpression. Relié.

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- 1881-1885 published as: "La gazette du palais et du notariat".

- The GAZETTE DU PALAIS began publication in 1881 and is the most important and useful index for legal research. It contains, in its first part, short digests of decisions, references to doctrinal articles, and legislation published in all the important periodicals (LA SEMAINE JURIDIQUE, REVUE TRIMESTRIELLE DE DROIT CIVIL, etc.). The second part of the index, called Législation, contains chronological listings of legislative texts published in the GAZETTE DU PALAIS. The third and fourth parts contain indexes to the doctrinal articles and case notes published in the GAZETTE DU PALAIS and the RECUEIL DALLOZ-SIREY, respectively. The case reports also have notes, usually shorter than those in DALLOZ or SIREY. The earlier issues of the GAZETTE DU PALAIS contained a much more abundant collection of reports than the other two series. Since 1941, this important difference has not been so marked, all the series having widened their coverage of reports. For the period before 1941, however, the GAZETTE DU PALAIS was the most comprehensive collection of reports. (Szladits; Guide to Foreign Legal Materials).

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