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AKTION (1911-1932)

Jge. 1911-1932 (alles Ersch.). Berlin, 1911-1932. Neudruck.

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- Entirely the creation of Franz Pfemfert, a patron of expressionism, DIE AKTION was a focal point of expressionism with contributions by Gottfried Benn, Franz Blei, George Grosz and Oskar Kokoschka, among others. Strong political undertones were evident during the war years when Pfemfert used the new forms of art and literature as vehicles for anti-war propaganda. With the end of the war, the character of the magazine became entirely political; contributors at this time included such radicals as Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. One of the most important publications of the expressionist movement, as well as a political magazine of the Weimar Republic, DIE AKTION is indispensable to any study of early twentieth century Germany.

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