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Societaet fuer Wissenschaftliche Kritik zu Berlin

Jge. 1827 - 1846 (Berlin). Alles Ersch. Neudruck. Gebunden. € 7,000

  • Gebunden pro Jg. € 390

- JAHRBUECHER FUER WISSENSCHAFTLICHE KRITIK is a very important academic journal of the 19th century. It was founded at the specific request of Hegel and was supported and carried by him and his followers. Hegel himself wrote several large reviews on Humboldt, Solger, Goeschel, Goerres and Hamann. The project started in July 1826, when, in Hegel's own home, the 'Societaet fuer wissenschaftliche Kritik zu Berlin' (Society for Scientific Criticism) was formed, mainly to publish the 'Jahrbuecher' as the official Hegelian journal. In fact, the 'Jahrbuecher' helped to develop the Hegelian followers into a coherent school by providing a recognisable forum to unite various strands. Hegel's opponents referred to the 'Jahrbuecher' as 'Hegelzeitung', but also such important figures as Goethe, Baader, W. von Humboldt, A.W. Schlegel, Creuzer and Thibaut were either directly involved or supported the 'Societaet...'.

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