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The period between the publication of the CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON in 1781 and the METAPHYSICS OF MORALS in 1797, during which Immanuel Kant's philosophy and thinking were greatly influenced by the reactions of both his disciples and critics, is often referred to as the "Aetas Kantiana".

It was a hard task to control the flood of new ideas from this period and organize them into consistent systems. The Kantian critique gave rise to a literature of its own, often polemical, with Kant at the centre of a movement which is still strong today.

The works of Kant himself and those of Fichte, Schelling, Mendelssohn, Jacobi, Hamann, Herder, and a few others are preserved in their collected works or Opera Omnia. This "Kantiana Collection" brings together the important but scattered contributions of other contemporary writers, thus making possible a thorough study of the subject.

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