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Neudrucke und antiquarische Zeitschriften, Serien und Monographien


Bde. 1-5 (alles Ersch.). Dresden, 1918-1921/22. Neudruck.

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- MENSCHEN was a journal of literature and art characteristic of the late expressionist period in Dresden. Through the publication of poetry, policies, proclamations, reviews, political articles, and woodcuts, it offered a cross-section of the final phase of expressionism. Among the literary contributors were Johannes Baader, Henri Barbusse, Ernst Bloch, Albert Ehrenstein, Kurt Schwitters, among others. Some of the illustrations were by Otto Dix, Wassilij Kandinsky, and Oskar Kokoschka. Among other composers, Alban Berg and Otto Klemperer submitted musical compositions. Vol. 2/1919 issue 12 was confiscated by the authorities.

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